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About us


We believe in empowering businesses to give their customers fun, safe and exhilarating experiences. We want all our clients to be able to rest in the knowledge that they are meeting the highest standards of quality, safety and professionalism. We reckon that by working collaboratively with our operators, together we can drive ongoing improvements to health and safety.



Our mission is to provide safety leadership for the outdoor adventure, recreation and education sectors. We will:

  • Deliver safety audits that are respected by industry and recognised nationally, giving our clients the seal of safety, quality and integrity
  • Expect and support a high standard of quality in our audit team
  • Work with key international bodies to establish Qualworx as an internationally known and trusted safety standard
  • Collaborate with regulatory agencies, industry stakeholders and our peers in the safety audit sector, to enhance safety standards and culture
  • Communicate regularly with the outdoor adventure, recreation and education sector so that safety knowledge and safety culture are shared and strengthened.



Empowerment: Qualworx will strengthen the capacity of clients to operate safe and effective businesses

Trust: Qualworx will apply honesty and integrity in its relationships with clients, staff, board members and, strategic partners

Diversity: Qualworx will respect individual and organisational differences in the outdoor adventure, recreation and education sectors

Sustainability: Qualworx will operate with social, environmental, and economic sustainability in mind