OutdoorsMark EOTC Audits

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Outdoor education in New Zealand helps students to grow and develop as people through engaging with our beautiful natural environment.

At OutdoorsMark, we understand that the new health and safety legislation has created uncertainty for schools around delivering outdoor education.

We’ve created two audit products especially for use in the education sector. We know every school is different, and that as learning institutions, schools have a unique set of circumstances and needs.

Our audits were designed with input from Education Outdoors NZ, and we have skilled, knowledgeable and experienced auditors with proven track records in the outdoor and education sectors – they understand the role of EOTC in schools.

When you complete one of our Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) audits, it means that your EOTC programme has been certified as meeting the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act – including the specific requirements for schools.

This certification gives teachers, students, parents and Boards of Trustees confidence in the systems and processes that are in place to keep students safe as they participate in outdoor education. It gives an assurance that your systems are robust, practical and working as intended.


The audits are:

Document Review

This is a full review of the school’s safety management documentation, checking it against the EOTC guidelines in the Health and Safety at Work Act. The school sends their documents to the auditor, and no site visit is required. This is the less costly audit, and a good option for schools with lower risk activities. It can also be a starting point before moving to a full Outdoor Education Audit.


Outdoor Education Audit

This audit includes the document review above, and a site visit to observe and evaluate a sample of activities being delivered, as well as observe how safety systems are implemented in practice.

This is a comprehensive review of the school’s EOTC programme, providing quality assurance right across the programme from design to delivery and implementation.

How long the audit takes depends on the number and nature of the activities the school offers. The first step in the process is completing a school profile - from there we will be able to give you an estimate of the audit cost and the time required.