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Qualworx is a world-class certification body based in New Zealand, equipped to audit against ISO21101 – the international safety management standard for adventure tourism – for clients all over the globe.

Qualworx played a key role in developing the ISO21101 standard.

In 2013/14, a group of countries with advanced adventure tourism sectors launched a joint project to create an up-to-date global standard for safety management in adventure tourism around the world. This is how ISO21101 came into being.

As a world leader in adventure tourism, New Zealand was one of the lead countries in this group. Qualworx (formerly OutdoorsMark) was one of the key organisations that took part in developing the new standard.

Why choose ISO21101?

In your business, it’s imperative that clients know they are in safe hands. We know safety is paramount for adventure operators, and ISO21101 is the international bottom line in safety.

No matter which adventure activities you offer, where you are located, or the size of your operation, by carrying the ISO21101 certification, you are showing your clients that your safety management system is second to none.

Such a system keeps your participants and staff safe, gets more people through your doors thereby generating more top line growth, and creates better customer experiences and more positive feedback.

For New Zealand operators who complete one of our domestic audits, with just a few extra steps and a small additional cost, we can include an ISO21101 certification.

What’s involved?

Broadly, ISO21101 requires operators to demonstrate compliance across six areas:

  • Leadership and staffing

  • Planning

  • Support

  • Operation

  • Performance Evaluation

  • Improvement

For more detail on the process, please read the descriptions of our certification products below.

Why Qualworx?

The Qualworx international audit team is made up of highly-skilled experts across a wide range of outdoor recreation and adventure disciplines. They are professionally qualified auditors, trained to work with your business to critically evaluate your safety system and identify areas where you can improve. This team knows that adventure tourism is the best job in the world - because they’ve done it too.

Our products

ISO21101: International Document Review Certification

This paper-based audit is completed remotely. Our auditors review and evaluate the documents and records that comprise your safety management system, and measure compliance against the internationally agreed standards for adventure tourism: the ISO 21101 series.

ISO21101: International Onsite Certification

Comprising a document review, onsite audit and implementation checks, this certification is the gold standard of safety assurance for an international adventure operator. It’s great for large or complex operations, or those that simply want to demonstrate to clients that they meet the ISO21101, having been checked and certified to the most rigorous possible standards of safety.

Our audit team will carry out a detailed review of your safety system as well as how it is being applied, across a sample of the activities you offer. Technical experts with deep experience in your activities will be available to provide comprehensive feedback.

We will work with you to help you understand how your safety systems have been designed, how they are working in practice, how they are being delivered to clients, and what improvements your business can make to further enhance safety.



This tells us more about you and your business.From this we can set the scope of the audit andestimate timeframes for you.


Self Evaluation

We provide you with the audit document so youcan complete a self review of your safety plan andidentify where in your plan the audit criteria is met.


Document Review

The auditor will review your safety plan againstthe audit criteria and confirm compliance or noteareas where amendments are needed.

On site visit

Once the review is complete and the auditorhas confirmed your documents are compliantthey will want to visit your business to make sureyour policies are implemented. This may alsoinvolve a technical expert to ensure the correctpractices are used for your activities.



When all the criteria have been confirmed bythe auditor your audit will be reviewed and yourbusiness will be certified.


Other services

Safety auditing isn’t all we do! We also offer a range of services for international customers in the adventure tourism, outdoors, sport, recreation, exercise and snowsport industries.

Learning resources

Qualworx can supply your organisation with learning resources that meet the requirements for internationally-recognised qualifications which are accredited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

Our resources support you to give your staff the specific skills and knowledge they need to deliver your services to customers. We can customise these resources for different audiences and contexts.

They generally comprise:

  • an Information Book containing learning material for the trainee

  • an Assessment Record for collecting evidence of knowledge and completed tasks

  • an Assessor Guide to support your business to assess the trainee’s performance.

Our online learning platform allows staff to progress through their training on a schedule and in a setting that suits the needs of your business.

Online registry services

We can list your organisation and employees on our public online register, displaying your licenses, certifications and skill sets, and recognising your high standards of professional practice.

Why choose a New Zealand organisation?

Ever since Aucklander AJ Hackett popularised bungy jumping in the 1980s, New Zealanders have been coming up with crazy and wonderful adventure activities – and turning them into safe and successful businesses.

From ski planes and jetboats to bungy jumping and zorbing, New Zealanders have built a thriving adventure tourism sector from the ground up, making this country the undisputed adventure tourism capital of the world. But our expertise is not confined to outdoor and adventure activities. We also excel in the fields of sport, exercise, aquatics, and snowsport.

Our sports teams, fitness chains and recreational programmes are world leaders. In order to manage growth in these thriving areas, New Zealand has been at the forefront of developing competency-based systems for training staff and quality-assuring businesses in these industries. New Zealand sets a high bar for safety. And that’s why we are such a good match to provide these qualification and assurance services to operations in other countries