Glowing Adventures

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What is Glowing Adventures all about, and what do you offer?

We offer small group tours, private and photography tours, away from the crowds and off the beaten track on our private family land in the Waitomo district.

With no modifications, we offer a “real” caving experience, through native bush, walking down gorges and into an amazing cave system to see several different glow worm displays.

What do you love about the work you do?

We love to meet lovely people from all over the world and share our backyard with them. It is great to see people getting out of their comfort zones and experiencing raw New Zealand. The feedback we have had is amazing, and makes everything worthwhile.

What do participants get out of their experience with Glowing Adventures?

Our guests get a break away from the hustle that has become the tourism industry in recent years. With New Zealand tourism numbers at an all-time high, our customers tell us that it is nice to hang out with a New Zealand family and have a small, personalised experience. After the tour they are welcome to relax, have a cuppa and a chat about the beautiful country that we call home.

What type of audit did you undergo, and what was involved in the process?

We completed an Adventure Activity Audit. This involved sending in the safety management systems we currently use, and a visit from both auditor and technical expert.

Why was completing the audit important to your organisation? 

Completing the audit process to us has always been an important part of our organisation. When we opened, we sat on the fence to whether we needed to be audited as we offer a “walking” tour and don’t have any technical activities. We decided that it would be in our best interest to complete the process and set a high safety culture within our company. We have had no regrets with the advice and peace of mind we have gained.

How did you find the working relationship with Qualworx?

Qualworx have been great to work with, informative and most importantly, receptive.

What advice would you give to other adventure operators that are embarking on a certification process?

Embrace the experience; they are there to help and can offer great advice. The process can give you the confidence that you are on the right track.

Matt Phillips