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Ziptrek Ecotours adds a new adventure to its lineup

Ziptrek Ecotours is expanding its mission to help people understand the importance of sustainability – by showing them rather than telling them.

The company’s zipline tours allow participants to get right up close and personal with Queenstown’s beautiful natural environment. Each zipline flies the “zippers” through sky and canopy, between 12 treetop platforms built in the forest.

The tours mix adrenaline with awareness as participants learn more about the ecosystem from their guides and from information panels around the course.

In 2018, Ziptrek decided to add a new, shorter tour involving two ziplines and a 21-metre controlled drop. Because the controlled drop was a new activity, Ziptrek needed to extend its adventure activities scope, through OutdoorsMark.

Operations manager Mike Higson says Ziptrek gaining the scope extension was a smooth process. He kept in touch with OutdoorsMark before and during the process, to make sure Ziptrek had everything in place for the extension.

“We’ve been working with OutdoorsMark for a number of years – we first got OutdoorsMark just before the adventure regulations came in. It’s a well-known process to me now.

“So it was just a matter of submitting the right documents and answering any questions that came up.”

Because Ziptrek had just completed an onsite audit recently, it didn’t need a site visit for its scope extension, he adds.

“The auditor was very familiar with all the processes we were using and understood our systems.”
Mike says the new tour has added another channel for showcasing the wonders of the forest to visitors and locals alike – especially those who don’t have enough time for the longer tours.

It is all part of the company’s quest to engage guests through fun and adventure, while immersing them in sustainable ways of thinking, to help ensure the protection and preservation of New Zealand’s natural taonga.

Matt Phillips