Skyline Rotorua

Q&A with Jamie Mead – Mountain Bike and Zipline manager


Please tell me a bit about Skyline Rotorua.

Skyline Rotorua is a large tourism operation that offers a multitude of activities, dining and experiences. We have everything from the famous gondola and luge, through to ziplines, mountain biking, stargazing, nature walks, and more.

What do you love about your job and the type of work that you do?

I have a large range of diversity in my job. I manage the bike park, zipline and the rope rescue and emergency management. Very few days are the same. I can be hanging off a rope doing zipline maintenance one day, attending to a medical response the next, or teaching emergency management. During summer, a large portion of my time is spent as the Site and Safety Manager for Crankworx Rotorua – the world’s largest mountain biking festival, hosted here at Skyline Rotorua.

Which certifications does Skyline hold?

We are a registered and certified Adventure Activity operator for Zipline, and we are certified for Mountain Biking.

What was involved in going through the audit process?

For me the audit process was quite simple, as we had some really good systems in place, being quite a large company. It does force you to examine what is in place, whether it’s effective, and where you can improve. That’s probably what I enjoy about it – it helps your business improve.

How did you find working with Qualworx?

The process was pretty straightforward. The communication was clear and done in a timely fashion. The auditor was relaxed and friendly, and it didn’t create any undue stress in the way that audits sometimes can.

What advice would you give to other adventure tourism companies that are embarking on a safety audit process?

Don’t be daunted by it, don’t just read the criteria and say, “It’s too much”. Approach it as a process and something that will ultimately make your business better.

….Did you know: Jamie is also a Qualworx auditor specialising in rafting and mountain biking! You can check out his profile on the Qualworx website.


Q&A with Libby Muir – Zipline supervisor

As the Zipline Supervisor, my days are varied. Not only do I manage the administrative side, I also work as one of the full-time senior guides. A typical day for me involves opening at 9am, and going through all the daily maintenance checks of all gear and equipment, to ensure we are ready to roll at 10am. Then I am taking tours every 30 minutes until 4.30pm. These are the 400-metre Zipline and the 13-metre Quick Jump. Between tours, I am managing rosters for upcoming weeks, payroll processes, and any ad-hoc maintenance or staff issues.

What do you love about your job?

There are a lot of things that I love – I love being able to work hands-on and outdoors, interacting with lots of different people on a daily basis, and meeting people from all different cultures and industries. It’s great getting to talk to people about my country and what it has to offer. I also get to work with a really great team, which is a big bonus!

What advice would you give to other adventure tourism companies that are embarking on a safety audit process?

I would suggest that it’s really about continually looking at ways to improve – talking to different members of the team and reviewing standard operating procedures and current guidelines to make sure you’re up to date with any new policies or issues.

Matt Phillips